Monday, December 31, 2007


It is finally the time to say a goodbye to the year 2007 and welcome the New Year 2008 with open arms. Take a look at the year 2007 and you will not even realize how the time passed by! It is the time to rejuvenate your energies and plan for the year 2008


Monday, December 24, 2007

Madi's funny story

This is one of our family funniest stories at all …. Definitely we have other funny stories like other families, but this is THE ONE.

my father is the biggest one in his brothers (we are lucky for that), like most of the Libyan families my grand mother lives with us she is 70 years old, she was very active , helping my mother and my sisters in the daily house jobs like washing the dishes and clothes, cocking . although my mother and sisters tried not to let her do any thing because of her age and this is her time for the comfort not for the work.

once in middle of winter days my grand mother waked up at 6 am and she thought that my little brother Mahmmud missed his school quickly she run to his room and shouting at him wake up wake up you are to late you will miss your school , Mohmmod waked, he Wear his clothes and collected his books when he found his self alone he knew that he missed the school time because he didn't find his brothers and sisters ( we don't know why grand mother waked Mohmmod only…… she didn't know also !) he went to school half sleep without thinking, with every step he took he was telling him self ( oh my GOD I'm lonely in the road I'm too late the Manager will punish me ).

While Mahmmod in his way to the school my mother waked up she went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast for the family

When he arrived to the school he found the lights off and doors closed at that moment he recognized that he is toooooooooo early for the school not too late.

He came back to the home very angry, knocked the door, at that moment my mother still in the kitchen she was wondering who is knocking in this time ? (now the suspense will start) when she opened the door and found Mahmmod outside in the dark with that angry face……… she said

(  هيييييييي وين كنت بايت البره والا شيني، الساعة قداش، خيرك لابس حوايج المدرسة )

many questions have no meaning, she was in shock the situations was hard for to believe , when she finished her questions Mahmmod answered her that grand mother waked him she thought that he missed the school.

Right now My grandmother sick with Ischemic heart disease and its complications that she can’t moveher right hand and leg since 4 months.

إن شاء الله ربي يشفيها ويرجعها معافاة يا رب العالمين

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last summer photos

Yesterday when I was checking my old photos I found these pictures in my albums, I took them last summer.

There is a story about these pictures ….. I was watching guys in different ages jumping in the sea … then I said to my self "come on Madi you can do it is easy and don't forget that ...what one man can do another can do" so I told my friends and my brothers I will jump like them, they came with me to the jumping area and started supporting me " come you can do it …. Do it do it do it yhhhhhhhhhhhhha" when I stand on the edge of the rock I realized that the sea far about 2 meters....... did you belief that 2 meters they expected me to jump from this high I said no way it is too high.... they started laugh on me..... and what made it worse to me my little brother Mahmmod said to me "watch it is so easy to do" and he jumped .

Nothing happen after that except I become their joke for almost a week.

I miss the sea too much and I wish that maybe some day I can jump like them.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Funny Libyan sky diver

One of my friends gave me this video for a Libyan guy typing himself while he was jumping by parachute from the plane, listens carefully what he was saying.

Enjoy with it

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Libyan way to protect the cars

Hi everyone today I'll post something funny. My neighbor has his own way to protect his car from the stealing.

see them  and write your comment

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Suffering of Libyan football fans ( part 2 )

Yesterday it was very important game between two biggest teams in Benghazi Al Ahly & Al Nasir derby of Benghazi ,and because the rebuilding of the 28th of March stadium ( it takes more than 5 months until now just to fix the grass ) the LFF ( Libyan Football Federation ) decide to play the match here in Tripoli Because they expect to many fans from Benghazi to support the both teams In the addition there's no other stadium near of Benghazi can handle these numbers of fans.

So many young people came from Benghazi by the cars or buses to Tripoli to support their teams; their journey takes more than 6 hours to arrive to Tripoli, after the end of the games they take the buses and cars again to go back to Benghazi but…. Infernality one of these buses which some of Al Ahly Benghazi fans was in it made an accident……. until now the news says 12 people died and there's one or two in the exceptional care.

I hope that the people who's in the head of responsible positions think about these young people and stop there suffering by building new Athletic establishment and stadiums….. Or stop the sports activities in Libya.

May ALAH have mercy on them إن شاء الله يتقبلهم الله بواسع رحمته وإن يدخلهم فسيح جناته

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Suffering of Libyan football fans

went on Eid's night with my friend and my brother in law to the 11 of June stadium, to spend sometimes away of the crowded and noisy streets and to enjoy watching our team Al Ittihad live.

I haven't been there since 1996, I was completely surprising when I saw the condition of the stadium, it was risky Adventurer to be there. firstly you have to pass the dark corridors to the seats without standing on the dirty water that comes from the broken bathrooms or crash with someone in front of you, and when you arrive to your seat you will find the empty plastic bags, café cups, cigarettes, bottles, and lots of dirty stuff waiting for you. Beside that you have to sit on the naked cement boards (there are no plastic seats over it).
Sometimes enjoying myself watching football games on TV and see the stadiums how different they are clean, very well organized it looks perfect.
I'm asking my self…….. When our government respects and treats us as human being and building new stadium or fixing this one?

Monday, October 15, 2007

My little angel

I want to Introduces my uncle's daughter to you, her name is Rahif we love her so much, My brothers call her China because her eyes looks like Chinese.
I took this picture in the Eid … so what you think is she beautiful or not ?

Tripoli sinks again

When the rain come Tripoli become another city, the streets are crowded and full of water because of that the journey of 10 minutes takes one hour.
This morning in my way to work I saw a bridge full of water which cause it one raining night…. I wondering what will happen if the rain continues one week like other countries!!
I put two pictures for the same bridge the first one I took it this morning and the second I took it last year in the winter which means there's almost one year between them…!? And the problem still as it is!!!!????
We always asking ALAH for the rain and we pray for it but when we suspend for hours in the crowded streets or falling down in one of hundreds of hidden holes around the city our journey become nightmare because of the rain. We wish that the rain never come.


Last year



Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid Mubarek

Eid Mubarek for all of you,
كل عام وانتم بخير وإن شاء الله بالصحة والسلامة

I hope tath Eid Year flood your home with happiness?
Your heart with faith
your life with fulfillment
Your soul with strength, your body with good health
Your mind with wisdom

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Attention for all Libyan and Muslims bloggers

There’s a European man makes a blog contain some racialism and very bad Cartoons about our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) And this man wrote a comment on my blog ( which I deleted ) as invitation to me to visit his blog .

What I want to say for you all, If he post a comment on your blog ( which I think he will do ) Please don’t visit his blog or post any comment on it as I did, just ignore him.

this is the name and the link of his blog to Recognize it
( I hide some letters to not helping him to publishing it as he wish )


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Libyan photography competition

In the last few days there was a photography competition arranged by the Libyan Broadcasting Corporation, while I was browsing the pictures of this competition, there were few pictures that I liked , which I want to share with you, But don't forget that most of the participants are amateurs.

enjoy it

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

welcome RAMADAN

ew days before RAMADAN will be here , I hope that all of you reach it with happiness and health     ( وإن شاء الله مبارك عليكم وبالصحة والسلامة ), and I found this picture in the internet, which I like and want to share with you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hussein is alive

Last night when I was in the Internet caf'e I received a missed call from unknown number I ignored it and I was saying people still expecting that we're going to call them back ! the caller kept buzzing me many times with strange insistence. To be honest he made me mad at him so I called him back with an angry and loud voice in Arabic (منوا who is that) and the other side answered Hussein it is me Hussein .....Can you beleive that he was Hussein ???

I asked him "Where are you man what happened to you?" He said that he was caught by the immigration police and he was in the camp since one month ago, I told him that his family  was asking about him , We didn't talk to much because he was in hurry and asked me to do him a favor, He said that he wanted me to go to someone and bring his passport and money . 

I told him sorry Hussein I can't do that I don't want to get into trouble with the police because might they think that I'm one of those men who plan for the escaping to Italy, They will not understand that I'm just trying to help another person for human reasons .

As MAYA said ask and thanks Allah that he is alive to be caught by the police not dying in the sea … this is his destiny to be caught and it's better for him .

I hope that Hussein'll understand my situation to refuse his request.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


oday I'll post something different … some thing we all afraid to confess that it's between us, LIBYAN PORNO VIDEOS do you belief that …!? I'm in shock like all of you when I watched them I felt shame , mad, sad , disgusting and worry in the same time about our future … I'm asking my self what happen to our youths?

yes it is true that these videos are mobile videos and, most of these videos the girl doesn't know that her boyfriend typing her .. but come on why she 's doing that ??? and why he's typing her also . in some videos there's girls typing them self in their high school class and wedding parties and where you can and can't imaging .. and you can find some of these videos in the youtube or dailymotion .

We always saying that Libyan are still have shyness and we aren't doing these kind of things..! but in fact we do the same thing ,I think when the boys doing that they want show these videos to their friends to prove what ? I don't know ….. what I know that there's some thing wrong going on! these years in Libya there's a lot of prostitutes if we can call them like that ..because you can find these kind of girls as nurses in the hospitals or students in schools …. And there's Libyan girls have sexual relationships with European and Asian men and by myself watched that here in my internet café when a Libyan young girl under 20 years old came with an Italian old man he is over 65 years old ,,I know the girl she's coming to make researches for her college and the Italian man was coming with his friends too so they didn't meet in my place ! and.. I'm sure about that … this girl doesn't speaking English and the Italian sure not using Arabic…!? when they were in my place one of his friend came and when he saw them he got angry.

after one hour the Italian man and his "Libyan girl friend " left ,I went to his friend and asked him what's going on is she his friend's girlfriend he answered yes later he told me that : my friend asked me to let him bring her to the company to ' sleep with her ' and I refused that because that 'll face many problems with the neighbors .

This is one of the stories .. I hope that we can get better and we can protect our community from this epidemic !

Allah bless you all

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tripoli ... was here !

About the destroying all over Tripoli…… the dispirited people think it will be like this pictures in future ……..what you think is that true?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can't lie anymore

2day when I was online Hussein’s twin brother suddenly sign in and it was a link for my blog in my status message in my yahoo messenger in les than second I remove the link ….. and the first thing he said that asked about his twin cuz he knew I know his brother ….and this is what he said to me ….. belief me I can’t lie anymore.

Hassan Momodu: where is hussein?
Mr : Madi: ?
Mr : Madi: I don't know Hassan
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard from him
Mr : Madi: me too
Mr : Madi: i think he is busy somewhere
Hassan Momodu: my twin brother
Hassan Momodu: where?
Mr : Madi: i know
Hassan Momodu: have u seen him today?
Mr : Madi: I don't see him since one week
Hassan Momodu: pls can check his house for me
Mr : Madi: i don't know where he house is
Hassan Momodu: pls i am so worried
Mr : Madi: if I meet him I'll tell him that u and ur mother asking about him
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard fro0m him since
Hassan Momodu: yes
Hassan Momodu: my mum cant even eat
Mr : Madi: ok
Mr : Madi: I will do my best
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls what kind of job is he doing?
Hassan Momodu: in libya
Mr : Madi: Hassan I have to go now sorry
Mr : Madi: bye
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls tell him to call
Mr : Madi: ok

I need advice can u help me

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hussein ….where are you now?

This is Hussein Mamadu hi is a Muslim man from Swaziland he comes to Libya through Niger border and he crossed the desert to Tripoli he spent more than one and half year in Tripoli working as shops cleaner… he cleans shops for money and some times he cleans cars and houses , and he comes to my shop to clean it as well .

Cuz I see him daily in my internet café for clean the staircase and the bath we start to have a conversation about many objects .. life , policy , football …etc.

He told me that he came to Libya with that ancient classic dream Europe he comes here like all of Africans just to make Libya a bridge and transit to their dream journey to Europe through the sea I used to tell Hussein that if he save the money and the time in his country to learn something or to start a small business is much better than to take this risk to go to Europe…but he did not listening …!

Hussein said that he pay 1000$ for some guys and they will give him with other African Egyptian Tunisian Algerian and Moroccan guys a small boat with two engines , some fuel ,GPS and AL Thurya satellite phone and pick one of them to lead this Boat to his mysterious destiny .. ..?
Anyway Hussein came to me last week and he told me that ( Madi this night I'll leave ask GOD to help me ) .

Now since that day he did not call me although he said he will do that when he has a chance, and I did not meet him online as well and what makes it worse that his mother call me asked about him I think he did not call her too .

When I thinking about him and how he will spend that long hours in that tight boat with full of fear and hope …. I think in that situation his life will pass in front his tired eyes ,and thinking maybe this hours will lead him to the paradise and his new life, that he were always dreaming about it ..... or his last hours.
I hope that he arrive to Italy or wherever he wants to go safe and fine

Saturday, July 21, 2007

funny guy

I took this picture on Fri 13-7-2007 in ( Alnigisa AL Khoms - Libya) , this guy took his nap in front of our tent in one of hottest days this summer on the sand at 1:00 at noon and he slept for almost 2 hours ...!!!?
and the funniest thing he covered his head by this steel dish after that he asked some kids to help him to cover his body by sand too … funny isn't ?




Libyan roads

Libyan roads are must funniest , weird and dangerous roads in the world , there's no day passed for any one of us without seen one or two or all of these situations ,if you driving or walking or even standing in your balcony watching the road .

And this picture explains what I'm talking about , it was taken by friend of mine in the Airport road ( Tariq Almattar ) you can notice this car it's moving in one of our important roads without boards and also full of PEPSI and another stuff… I think this man has a shop …. Any way when I saw this picture many questions comes in my mind … how he can drive car like this without the policemen stop him and booking the car and how he drive car like this without thinking about his and others safety !!!?
And don't forget that this is the airport road what means the tourists and the diplomatic missions and everyone comes to Libya through the Airport will take this road , what they will say in their first steps in Libya …!! What nice impression they will have about us as Libyans and about our country and rules !!?we did not give them to much time to discover the good things and nice views first !!! ?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good bye Al Shati Complex

Today it was sad day for a lot of Libyan specially for who living in Gergarsh or knowing this building was for them part of Tripoli history. .  but I think this is the fact we have to condition with ... if this destroy over the Tripoli for renew the city ok we have no objections …… we hope that.

 the video and pictures was takin from Alhandsa website