Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hussein is alive

Last night when I was in the Internet caf'e I received a missed call from unknown number I ignored it and I was saying people still expecting that we're going to call them back ! the caller kept buzzing me many times with strange insistence. To be honest he made me mad at him so I called him back with an angry and loud voice in Arabic (منوا who is that) and the other side answered Hussein it is me Hussein .....Can you beleive that he was Hussein ???

I asked him "Where are you man what happened to you?" He said that he was caught by the immigration police and he was in the camp since one month ago, I told him that his family  was asking about him , We didn't talk to much because he was in hurry and asked me to do him a favor, He said that he wanted me to go to someone and bring his passport and money . 

I told him sorry Hussein I can't do that I don't want to get into trouble with the police because might they think that I'm one of those men who plan for the escaping to Italy, They will not understand that I'm just trying to help another person for human reasons .

As MAYA said ask and thanks Allah that he is alive to be caught by the police not dying in the sea … this is his destiny to be caught and it's better for him .

I hope that Hussein'll understand my situation to refuse his request.