Sunday, August 5, 2007


oday I'll post something different … some thing we all afraid to confess that it's between us, LIBYAN PORNO VIDEOS do you belief that …!? I'm in shock like all of you when I watched them I felt shame , mad, sad , disgusting and worry in the same time about our future … I'm asking my self what happen to our youths?

yes it is true that these videos are mobile videos and, most of these videos the girl doesn't know that her boyfriend typing her .. but come on why she 's doing that ??? and why he's typing her also . in some videos there's girls typing them self in their high school class and wedding parties and where you can and can't imaging .. and you can find some of these videos in the youtube or dailymotion .

We always saying that Libyan are still have shyness and we aren't doing these kind of things..! but in fact we do the same thing ,I think when the boys doing that they want show these videos to their friends to prove what ? I don't know ….. what I know that there's some thing wrong going on! these years in Libya there's a lot of prostitutes if we can call them like that ..because you can find these kind of girls as nurses in the hospitals or students in schools …. And there's Libyan girls have sexual relationships with European and Asian men and by myself watched that here in my internet cafĂ© when a Libyan young girl under 20 years old came with an Italian old man he is over 65 years old ,,I know the girl she's coming to make researches for her college and the Italian man was coming with his friends too so they didn't meet in my place ! and.. I'm sure about that … this girl doesn't speaking English and the Italian sure not using Arabic…!? when they were in my place one of his friend came and when he saw them he got angry.

after one hour the Italian man and his "Libyan girl friend " left ,I went to his friend and asked him what's going on is she his friend's girlfriend he answered yes later he told me that : my friend asked me to let him bring her to the company to ' sleep with her ' and I refused that because that 'll face many problems with the neighbors .

This is one of the stories .. I hope that we can get better and we can protect our community from this epidemic !

Allah bless you all