Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can't lie anymore

2day when I was online Hussein’s twin brother suddenly sign in and it was a link for my blog in my status message in my yahoo messenger in les than second I remove the link ….. and the first thing he said that asked about his twin cuz he knew I know his brother ….and this is what he said to me ….. belief me I can’t lie anymore.

Hassan Momodu: where is hussein?
Mr : Madi: ?
Mr : Madi: I don't know Hassan
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard from him
Mr : Madi: me too
Mr : Madi: i think he is busy somewhere
Hassan Momodu: my twin brother
Hassan Momodu: where?
Mr : Madi: i know
Hassan Momodu: have u seen him today?
Mr : Madi: I don't see him since one week
Hassan Momodu: pls can check his house for me
Mr : Madi: i don't know where he house is
Hassan Momodu: pls i am so worried
Mr : Madi: if I meet him I'll tell him that u and ur mother asking about him
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard fro0m him since
Hassan Momodu: yes
Hassan Momodu: my mum cant even eat
Mr : Madi: ok
Mr : Madi: I will do my best
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls what kind of job is he doing?
Hassan Momodu: in libya
Mr : Madi: Hassan I have to go now sorry
Mr : Madi: bye
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls tell him to call
Mr : Madi: ok

I need advice can u help me