Sunday, September 23, 2007

Attention for all Libyan and Muslims bloggers

There’s a European man makes a blog contain some racialism and very bad Cartoons about our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) And this man wrote a comment on my blog ( which I deleted ) as invitation to me to visit his blog .

What I want to say for you all, If he post a comment on your blog ( which I think he will do ) Please don’t visit his blog or post any comment on it as I did, just ignore him.

this is the name and the link of his blog to Recognize it
( I hide some letters to not helping him to publishing it as he wish )



Kavkaz fi nettisivuston keskustelusivusto said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Abdurrauf Ben Madi said...

Kavkaz fi nettisivuston

I don't understand the language that you used, please use English or Arabic .
Sorry I have to delete your comment

dusk till dawn said...

most of us got the comment, its sad thing, hope ramadan going well wt u, and work to

Anonymous said...

All of the libyan Bloggers got the same comment

I don;t have a free time to waste it for those psychotic people

fe aman Allah

Sarah said...

Hi , thanks for the warrning .