Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hussein ….where are you now?

This is Hussein Mamadu hi is a Muslim man from Swaziland he comes to Libya through Niger border and he crossed the desert to Tripoli he spent more than one and half year in Tripoli working as shops cleaner… he cleans shops for money and some times he cleans cars and houses , and he comes to my shop to clean it as well .

Cuz I see him daily in my internet cafĂ© for clean the staircase and the bath we start to have a conversation about many objects .. life , policy , football …etc.

He told me that he came to Libya with that ancient classic dream Europe he comes here like all of Africans just to make Libya a bridge and transit to their dream journey to Europe through the sea I used to tell Hussein that if he save the money and the time in his country to learn something or to start a small business is much better than to take this risk to go to Europe…but he did not listening …!

Hussein said that he pay 1000$ for some guys and they will give him with other African Egyptian Tunisian Algerian and Moroccan guys a small boat with two engines , some fuel ,GPS and AL Thurya satellite phone and pick one of them to lead this Boat to his mysterious destiny .. ..?
Anyway Hussein came to me last week and he told me that ( Madi this night I'll leave ask GOD to help me ) .

Now since that day he did not call me although he said he will do that when he has a chance, and I did not meet him online as well and what makes it worse that his mother call me asked about him I think he did not call her too .

When I thinking about him and how he will spend that long hours in that tight boat with full of fear and hope …. I think in that situation his life will pass in front his tired eyes ,and thinking maybe this hours will lead him to the paradise and his new life, that he were always dreaming about it ..... or his last hours.
I hope that he arrive to Italy or wherever he wants to go safe and fine