Monday, December 24, 2007

Madi's funny story

This is one of our family funniest stories at all …. Definitely we have other funny stories like other families, but this is THE ONE.

my father is the biggest one in his brothers (we are lucky for that), like most of the Libyan families my grand mother lives with us she is 70 years old, she was very active , helping my mother and my sisters in the daily house jobs like washing the dishes and clothes, cocking . although my mother and sisters tried not to let her do any thing because of her age and this is her time for the comfort not for the work.

once in middle of winter days my grand mother waked up at 6 am and she thought that my little brother Mahmmud missed his school quickly she run to his room and shouting at him wake up wake up you are to late you will miss your school , Mohmmod waked, he Wear his clothes and collected his books when he found his self alone he knew that he missed the school time because he didn't find his brothers and sisters ( we don't know why grand mother waked Mohmmod only…… she didn't know also !) he went to school half sleep without thinking, with every step he took he was telling him self ( oh my GOD I'm lonely in the road I'm too late the Manager will punish me ).

While Mahmmod in his way to the school my mother waked up she went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast for the family

When he arrived to the school he found the lights off and doors closed at that moment he recognized that he is toooooooooo early for the school not too late.

He came back to the home very angry, knocked the door, at that moment my mother still in the kitchen she was wondering who is knocking in this time ? (now the suspense will start) when she opened the door and found Mahmmod outside in the dark with that angry face……… she said

(  هيييييييي وين كنت بايت البره والا شيني، الساعة قداش، خيرك لابس حوايج المدرسة )

many questions have no meaning, she was in shock the situations was hard for to believe , when she finished her questions Mahmmod answered her that grand mother waked him she thought that he missed the school.

Right now My grandmother sick with Ischemic heart disease and its complications that she can’t moveher right hand and leg since 4 months.

إن شاء الله ربي يشفيها ويرجعها معافاة يا رب العالمين