Sunday, July 15, 2007

Libyan girls who's living abroad

What you don't know about me that I have an Internet cafĂ© in Tripoli ,, and my customers from around the world…. from most of Arabic countries , Africa ,Asia ,North and south America And Australia as well.
And there's no problem to deal with them, like that I have it with the Libyan costumers who were or still living in Europe or America.
the first thing they doing trying hard to let you and who sitting beside them that they are was living outside Libya ( I think they wish of they could paste a sign on their shirts says … HELLO EVRYONE I AM A LIBYAN GIRL LIVING ABROAD LOOOL) and second thing they are ignoring all of your rules that you want you customers to follow , and the third thing they are never never speaking Arabic despite they knowing Arabic language .
the way they are acting and their behavior is not normal they thought themselves better than any one else .
I'm wondering why they are like this ?? are they forget that they are Libyans or they think if acting like this the people will respect them more ?
we have a proverb here in Libya says ( the bird trying to walk like a dove but he couldn't Learn how to walk like a dove and forgot his own walk) .

I think they have some psycho problems and confusing between if they are a Libyan or not .