Saturday, July 21, 2007

Libyan roads

Libyan roads are must funniest , weird and dangerous roads in the world , there's no day passed for any one of us without seen one or two or all of these situations ,if you driving or walking or even standing in your balcony watching the road .

And this picture explains what I'm talking about , it was taken by friend of mine in the Airport road ( Tariq Almattar ) you can notice this car it's moving in one of our important roads without boards and also full of PEPSI and another stuff… I think this man has a shop …. Any way when I saw this picture many questions comes in my mind … how he can drive car like this without the policemen stop him and booking the car and how he drive car like this without thinking about his and others safety !!!?
And don't forget that this is the airport road what means the tourists and the diplomatic missions and everyone comes to Libya through the Airport will take this road , what they will say in their first steps in Libya …!! What nice impression they will have about us as Libyans and about our country and rules !!?we did not give them to much time to discover the good things and nice views first !!! ?

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Hiba said...

بيني وبينك ياما تشوف في شوارعنا

لقطات مضحكة لسرعة مرورها قدامك ماتلحقش تاخدلها صورة

هذا غير أن الناس قاعدين مش متقبلين فكرة حد يصورهم أو يصور حاجة يمتلكوها

أو حتي يصوروا موجه بحر

موفق يا أخي