Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last summer photos

Yesterday when I was checking my old photos I found these pictures in my albums, I took them last summer.

There is a story about these pictures ….. I was watching guys in different ages jumping in the sea … then I said to my self "come on Madi you can do it is easy and don't forget that ...what one man can do another can do" so I told my friends and my brothers I will jump like them, they came with me to the jumping area and started supporting me " come you can do it …. Do it do it do it yhhhhhhhhhhhhha" when I stand on the edge of the rock I realized that the sea far about 2 meters....... did you belief that 2 meters they expected me to jump from this high I said no way it is too high.... they started laugh on me..... and what made it worse to me my little brother Mahmmod said to me "watch it is so easy to do" and he jumped .

Nothing happen after that except I become their joke for almost a week.

I miss the sea too much and I wish that maybe some day I can jump like them.