Monday, July 30, 2007

Tripoli ... was here !

About the destroying all over Tripoli…… the dispirited people think it will be like this pictures in future ……..what you think is that true?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can't lie anymore

2day when I was online Hussein’s twin brother suddenly sign in and it was a link for my blog in my status message in my yahoo messenger in les than second I remove the link ….. and the first thing he said that asked about his twin cuz he knew I know his brother ….and this is what he said to me ….. belief me I can’t lie anymore.

Hassan Momodu: where is hussein?
Mr : Madi: ?
Mr : Madi: I don't know Hassan
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard from him
Mr : Madi: me too
Mr : Madi: i think he is busy somewhere
Hassan Momodu: my twin brother
Hassan Momodu: where?
Mr : Madi: i know
Hassan Momodu: have u seen him today?
Mr : Madi: I don't see him since one week
Hassan Momodu: pls can check his house for me
Mr : Madi: i don't know where he house is
Hassan Momodu: pls i am so worried
Mr : Madi: if I meet him I'll tell him that u and ur mother asking about him
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard fro0m him since
Hassan Momodu: yes
Hassan Momodu: my mum cant even eat
Mr : Madi: ok
Mr : Madi: I will do my best
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls what kind of job is he doing?
Hassan Momodu: in libya
Mr : Madi: Hassan I have to go now sorry
Mr : Madi: bye
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls tell him to call
Mr : Madi: ok

I need advice can u help me

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hussein ….where are you now?

This is Hussein Mamadu hi is a Muslim man from Swaziland he comes to Libya through Niger border and he crossed the desert to Tripoli he spent more than one and half year in Tripoli working as shops cleaner… he cleans shops for money and some times he cleans cars and houses , and he comes to my shop to clean it as well .

Cuz I see him daily in my internet café for clean the staircase and the bath we start to have a conversation about many objects .. life , policy , football …etc.

He told me that he came to Libya with that ancient classic dream Europe he comes here like all of Africans just to make Libya a bridge and transit to their dream journey to Europe through the sea I used to tell Hussein that if he save the money and the time in his country to learn something or to start a small business is much better than to take this risk to go to Europe…but he did not listening …!

Hussein said that he pay 1000$ for some guys and they will give him with other African Egyptian Tunisian Algerian and Moroccan guys a small boat with two engines , some fuel ,GPS and AL Thurya satellite phone and pick one of them to lead this Boat to his mysterious destiny .. ..?
Anyway Hussein came to me last week and he told me that ( Madi this night I'll leave ask GOD to help me ) .

Now since that day he did not call me although he said he will do that when he has a chance, and I did not meet him online as well and what makes it worse that his mother call me asked about him I think he did not call her too .

When I thinking about him and how he will spend that long hours in that tight boat with full of fear and hope …. I think in that situation his life will pass in front his tired eyes ,and thinking maybe this hours will lead him to the paradise and his new life, that he were always dreaming about it ..... or his last hours.
I hope that he arrive to Italy or wherever he wants to go safe and fine

Saturday, July 21, 2007

funny guy

I took this picture on Fri 13-7-2007 in ( Alnigisa AL Khoms - Libya) , this guy took his nap in front of our tent in one of hottest days this summer on the sand at 1:00 at noon and he slept for almost 2 hours ...!!!?
and the funniest thing he covered his head by this steel dish after that he asked some kids to help him to cover his body by sand too … funny isn't ?




Libyan roads

Libyan roads are must funniest , weird and dangerous roads in the world , there's no day passed for any one of us without seen one or two or all of these situations ,if you driving or walking or even standing in your balcony watching the road .

And this picture explains what I'm talking about , it was taken by friend of mine in the Airport road ( Tariq Almattar ) you can notice this car it's moving in one of our important roads without boards and also full of PEPSI and another stuff… I think this man has a shop …. Any way when I saw this picture many questions comes in my mind … how he can drive car like this without the policemen stop him and booking the car and how he drive car like this without thinking about his and others safety !!!?
And don't forget that this is the airport road what means the tourists and the diplomatic missions and everyone comes to Libya through the Airport will take this road , what they will say in their first steps in Libya …!! What nice impression they will have about us as Libyans and about our country and rules !!?we did not give them to much time to discover the good things and nice views first !!! ?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good bye Al Shati Complex

Today it was sad day for a lot of Libyan specially for who living in Gergarsh or knowing this building was for them part of Tripoli history. .  but I think this is the fact we have to condition with ... if this destroy over the Tripoli for renew the city ok we have no objections …… we hope that.

 the video and pictures was takin from Alhandsa website 

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Libyan girls who's living abroad

What you don't know about me that I have an Internet café in Tripoli ,, and my customers from around the world…. from most of Arabic countries , Africa ,Asia ,North and south America And Australia as well.
And there's no problem to deal with them, like that I have it with the Libyan costumers who were or still living in Europe or America.
the first thing they doing trying hard to let you and who sitting beside them that they are was living outside Libya ( I think they wish of they could paste a sign on their shirts says … HELLO EVRYONE I AM A LIBYAN GIRL LIVING ABROAD LOOOL) and second thing they are ignoring all of your rules that you want you customers to follow , and the third thing they are never never speaking Arabic despite they knowing Arabic language .
the way they are acting and their behavior is not normal they thought themselves better than any one else .
I'm wondering why they are like this ?? are they forget that they are Libyans or they think if acting like this the people will respect them more ?
we have a proverb here in Libya says ( the bird trying to walk like a dove but he couldn't Learn how to walk like a dove and forgot his own walk) .

I think they have some psycho problems and confusing between if they are a Libyan or not .

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The old castle

his is the old castle in Tripoli Assaraya Al Hamra I took this picture since two years ago and I like it so much I like the reflection it looks amazing and you know what .... the funniest thing was …. When I was in high school I was escaping from the school and come here not to take pictures just to waste the school time after that I go back to my home …… funny isn’t.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

بقرتين تساعد في فهم بعض النظريات والشركات والشعوب

أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتأخذ الحكومة
الاثنتين وتمنحك بعض اللبن

أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتأخذ الحكومة
الاثنتين وتبيع لك بعض اللبن

أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتأخذ الحكومة
الاثنتين وتعدمك


أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتأخذ الحكومة
الاثنتين وتقتل واحدة
وتحلب الأخرى وتلقي باللبن بعيدًا

أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتبيع واحدة وتبتاع
ثورًا، من ثم ينمو
القطيع فتبيعه وتتقاعد معتمدًا على

شركة أمريكية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتبيع واحدة وترغم
الأخرى على أن
تعطيك لبن أربع بقرات ثم تستأجر خبيرًا
استشاريًا لفهم لماذا ماتت البقرة

شركة فرنسية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان فتعلن الإضراب لأنك
تطالب بثالثة

شركة يابانية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان. تعيد تصميمهما
جينيًا بحيث تصيرا
عشر حجم البقرة العادية، مع مضاعفة
اللبن عشرين مرة. ثم تبتكر شخصية
بقرة للرسوم المتحركة اسمها (كاوكيمون)
وتسوقها في العالم كله

شركة ألمانية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان. تعيد تصميمهما
جينيًا بحيث تعيش
الواحدة مائة عام وتحلب نفسها وتأكل مرة
كل شهر

شركة إيطالية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان لكنك لا تعرف أين
هما ثم تكف عن
البحث لأن ساعة الغداء حانت

شركة روسية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان تعدهما فتجد أن لديك
خمس بقرات. تعد
من جديد فتجد أن العدد 42 تعد من جديد فتجد
أنهما بقرتان تتوقف لتفتح زجاجة فودكا

شركة سويسرية
أن تكون لديك 5000 بقرة لا تملك واحدة منها.
لكنك تتقاضى
من الآخرين ثمن الاحتفاظ بها

شركة صينية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان ولديك 300 واحد
لحلبهما. تنشر أخبارًا
عن انعدام البطالة وتقدمُ صناعة الألبان
وتعتقل الصحفي الذي نشر الأرقام

شركة هندية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان وأنت تعبدهما

شركة بريطانية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان مجنونتان

شركة مصرية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان كلتاهما ذهبتا
لمبايعة مبارك

شركة سورية
أن تكون لديك بقرتان حليب البقرة الأولى
يذهب لمعلم ابنك في الجيش وحليب البقرة
الثانية بشكل دوري لمؤسسات الدولة التي
لك عمل فيها

شركة خليجية
أن تكون هناك بقرتان ويكون لهما مدير
هندي وحارس مصري وراعي
سوداني وتدرج في البورصة

شركة فلبينية
أن يكون هناك بقرتان ثم يرسلونهما إلى
الخليج للعمل

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another day in paradise

The best thing for been a child that you are doing what ever you want and no one will care about that whatever you do wrong or right , so yesterday I decide to be a child ( and to be honest I miss to been child again ) any way it was interesting day I went with three brothers and a friend to the sea despite the sea was very wavy but we spend lovely time playing running and doing everything we cant do in normal situation .

So do you miss your childhood too?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

first step

Hi every one this is my new blog , I make this blog for me and  photography objects , I’ll but some of my photos and any other Libyan or international photographer .

Enjoy it