Sunday, August 31, 2008

First day of Ramadan chatting

at 15:05

Hoda .: كساد
Hoda .: افتح موضوع
Mr.Madi: شن تتمني يكون فيه على الفطور
Mr.Madi: أني بوريك بالدحي
Mr.Madi: عندي فيه نية لا المليون
Hoda .: هههه
Hoda .: شوربة بالعدس الاحمر مع دجاج مكعبات
Hoda .: و فطائر خفيفة بالمفروم
Mr.Madi: كيف شكله دجاج المكعبات هوا
Mr.Madi: زي الدجاج اللي نعرفوه والا يختلف
Hoda .: بدل ما تحط طرف دجاج كامل قطع الدجاج لمكعبات 
Hoda .: هههههه
Mr.Madi: اه الطريقة هكي سماها
Hoda .: و بيتزا عجينتها  مش غليظة و تكون معبية جبنة 
Hoda .: و زيتون 
Hoda .: بكمية رهيبة 
Hoda .: و طاسة عصير مانجا 
Mr.Madi: شربه الله الله على الشربة
Hoda .: أهم شئ عندي الشوربة 
Mr.Madi: والبسباسي في الخلفية
Mr.Madi: يساعد على الهضم

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I love you Mother

My mother 56 years old, she never went to school, since a year ago she started going to the mosque to read Quran , they took her to be in the Literacy program there
Lately our home-phone cable was cut because of those companies who doing the removing for the old buildings in Tripoli , However, my father came with her to our Cafe, because she wanted to talk with my sister ,through skype, while she was talking to her , she left a note for me and my brother on the desk.

when i came to open the Cafe in the morning just as usual i found the note on the desk , I was very happy , and i just wished if I kissed her before i left the home this morning 
 Thank you mother, and May Allah keep you with us, forever 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kids Pictures

This is pictures for my brother Mahmood and my cousin Suhaib 3 years ago .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Won

One of my pictures won in photography competition in Albdeel Channel- drawing by the light- program ( برنامج الرسم بالضوء ) in smile Category.

Here you can see the picture that made me Winner & I'm so happy with it ..... I'll always do my best to be the best.

This is the picture

This is the video