Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Water Drop

The result is not like what I want, But I think it is not so bad for the second trying...So What you think?


NuNa said...

I like it and i feel there z sadness city inside it maybe 2 clean it, i do't know how i feel that. i wonna ask u 2 copy it in my pictures if u like Sir.

Nasimlibya `√ said...

I am just a waterdrop
I'm so weak - I cannot stop my fall down to earth
I'm formed to rain, clouds, ice and snow
Creating seasons - I let the nature grow
let the nature grow

i like your waterdrop especially it's color is blue :)

shaaampa said...

it's nice , i like it

but i think next time u'll do it

perfect ^_^

Anonymous said...

The devil is always in the detail... This photo is good for what it shows, but the hidden is way more than what the naked eye can see. In fluid mechanics, water behaves so strange that when the flow is laminar, turbulence will usually be found hiden in the boundaries. Water is very difficult to subdue, it is very difficult to reproduce by cameras and by painting, it is even impossible to understand by scientists. The picture is great and you are a true artist with affinity for detail and beauty. Thank you very much for these pleasing photos. I am a fan.

the "I" that's me said...

Mashallah!! this is your 2nd try??? great!!
hmmmm may be you could decrease the blur a little next time, thats all i could come up with.
great shot!!

Anonymous said...

nice second test mr madi and i hope not to stop trying those nice drops , i like your way to take a pic

God keep you to Us


holyday said...

good feeling with great image
ur sister
girl from another time

مـــــنى و هنـــد said...

صورة جميلة فعلاً ولقطة موفقة ، وأعتقد أن التقاط هذا النوع من الصور صعب ويحتاج لخبرة ، لكن فعلاً لقطة جميلة...

موفق إن شاء الله

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Mashallah---what a beautiful capturing. You are truly an artist, mashallah.

There's something about water that is very calm and soothing, which is probably why I love this picture so well. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Photography caught amid sea and swamp


من أجلهم وأجلنا said...

مستر مادي نتمنى ان تشاركنا اسبوع التدوين من اجلهم وأجلنا بلقطات مصورة دعما للحملة الوطنية للتبرع بالأعضاء والتي يدعمها أيضا

اللجنة الوطنية للعمل التطوعي الشبابي

الجمعية الليبية لدعم التبرع بالأعضاء

الجمعية الليبية لطلاب الطب والأطباء الشباب


bumedian said...

its really a nice shot... and i am sure in the next try it will be as you wanted it to be.. to peaces of water drops one is jumping in the air... :)