Sunday, April 26, 2009

My friend brought for me a piece from Japan

I have a friend from Germany his name is Rainer he is a teacher in German school in Tripoli, Last Month he went to Japan for a two weeks vacation with his friends, , And when he came back to Tripoli he brought me a piece of rook from Fuji mount in Japan and 10 Yen. 

When you think about some one going to the furthest place on Earth, remember you and bring some thing for you! Makes me happy I never thought that some thing like this will happen to me.

When I show it to my family and friends, I asked them to guess what could be, all of them inthe first time touch it and said " well it is A piece of rock …. What else it could be?" I told them yha that is right …. But the unusual thing that before three days it was in Japan! This rock from Japan, Exactly from Fuji Mount when they know that, they said " oh really it is nice" and took it.

again.Thank you Rainer for your Lovely present


holyday said...

ist comment

girl from another time
good luck

NuNa said...

Salam 3lecame
really his present was very nice and i like it too. i see it something strange and nice when someone gave rock from Japan. who can say you have it now. wooow

a_akak said...

I think it goes to show that a good/valuable present is not by how much it costs but the sentimental value of it and the person who got it for you

It is a piece of rock ... but not any rock, a rock that was given as a present from one person to another

Fe Aman Allah