Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Name It

The most difficult step in The Photography for me when I want to name the pictures, I spent too much time watching the picture trying to find the right name that cover all the meaning or the beauty in it.
I want you to live the experience with me and try to name this picture as you see.



Nasimlibya `√ said...

i'm there in all your direction


Anonymous said...

no signal

Bluefalcon96 said...

الزرقاء الهوائي

Blue Atenna

Jihane said...

wWow, where did u find it,
my youngest brother 8 years thought thought of it as a very complecated device for spying or somethin, irony of the past!!!

Commen said...

(Beauty and the beast)

I think this is the best commen ever,because when you look at the pictuer at the first time and see the beautiful blu sky and the white clouds you would say (wow),then when you see the human made ugly thing,you a little wonder what the hell is this but at the same time you will see something unique and amazing about this unsuasal picture.

Anonymous said...

blue sky accessory

kanekane33 said...

salam, im zakaria a libyan guy
I really wanted to write u a comment tht express how much I like ur way of snaping pics
and I m really proud of Libya tht have a photographer like you.
best wishes, zakaria Ali
i got a website www.libyana.tk