Tuesday, August 21, 2007

welcome RAMADAN

ew days before RAMADAN will be here , I hope that all of you reach it with happiness and health     ( وإن شاء الله مبارك عليكم وبالصحة والسلامة ), and I found this picture in the internet, which I like and want to share with you.


PH said...

Few days ??????????? there is still more than 3 weeks you are looking for an excuse to stop blogging aren't you ? :P

Its a nice picture I saw safia posting it as well, inshaa allah ramadan mubarak to you as well. :)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Libyan Photographer,
Thank you for the reminder to all. Your days seem to be much quicker than mine. :-) May Allah bless you always.

Abdurrauf Ben Madi said...



and for the next comments

thaank you all for the passing .

3 weeks is not so far from few days LOOOOOL and if read it any day before Ramadan it will still be like new post... and about Safia it is just a nice and lovely coincidence to both of us put same picture has this meaning .

dusk till dawn said...

well well remember the holy month of ramadan makes u strong person and healthy to, to run a way with a shopping sack ,its like a man in a hurry with an empty stomach,u never go far, we all suffer and lose the mood, but we all enjoy and love the end,

Mujahada said...

I love this picture! It is so cool! I can't wait till Ramadan insha'Allah!

Unknown said...

Ramadan Mubarak Mr.Madi
Fe aman Allah