Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Day of Gaddafi Killed Tripoli 20-10-2011


Anonymous said...

congrats to your freedom.Question:Who is going to pay your students abroad now,
Have you ever paid electricity bill?
or payed 2,50 € for a loaf of bread?
Have you ever payed interest for buying a home your life long,and when you lose your job the take it from you?
Congratulation to your freedom how blind can you get.

Nasimlibya `√ said...

الله اكبر
مش عارفة ليش كلهم حاسدينا ع النصر
مهتمين بثمن رغيف الخبز ثمنه ليس اغلى من ثمن دماء شهدائنا !

لقطات تؤرخ احسنت
مبروك الحرية وان كره غير المبصرون :)

Abdurrauf Ben Madi said...

anonymous :: their is another thing in live called dignity that is what we looking for.

نسيم ::: شكراً يا رائعة أدام الله فرحتنا ومبروك علينا جميعا

sharon lynch said...

stunning photos! and elf marbruk!

mensan said...

Freedom is in the hearts and souls of human beings and is to be treasured with all one's might.

I am so sorry for the destruction, suffering and loss of life, though. The price you paid was far greater than it ever should have been.

Even the Libyan people's struggle gives Americans hope for renewing our dignity in life, holding global mega-corporations accountable. Peace, Sandra

libyan glamour said...

allahu akhbar finally the day we all waited for
alhamdulilah finally our dignity is back with mauamar dead yeay^_^

Ariyatna Adri said...

Salam, Eid ul Adha mubarak to you and all muslim Libyans.

Your dreams is celebrated in those pictures.It is great to have such courage, such dignity.

May Allah bless us all.

chris said...

My greetings from France! After visiting your blog, I could not leave without putting a comment.
I congratulate you on your blog!
Maybe I would have the opportunity to welcome you on mine too!
My blog is in french, but on the right is the Google translator!
good day
cordially and my congratulations, for your countrie