Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Can " series"

I Can See You

I Can Touch You


Anonymous said...

مساء جميل مستر مادي

طول عمري نقول إن الصور تعبر أكثر
من الكلام
فكرتني مستر مادي بمصوراتي موهوب ماشاء الله وين منبي نصور نمشيله طول

في بلادي ماشاء الله شباب مبدع

لو عندك مجموعة من الصور ليش متديرش معرض لصورك ؟

اعتقد إنه حيكون معرض مميز


Unknown said...

It is nice that you have been active regarding your blog lately and posting photos. It would be nice that you add permenant photography websites links for your readers.

Please post the size of the aperture is indicated by its f-number and shutter speed of each photo and time which was taken, if you do not mind.

Thank you for the photos and what you are doing with other photographers is quiet interesting.

Here is a link you might be interested and also for your readers.

holyday said...

سلام عليك
فتاة من زمن اخر

Anonymous said...

No you cannot! LOL

Pretty nice shots Madi, keep it up:)