Thursday, November 6, 2008

Libyan Obama Girl

As most of you know that I own an Internet café in Tripoli and because of that I face many strange situations and many stupid questions.

In US Presidential elections day a Libyan college girl come to me asking for my help she said " can you please help me I want to read the news about Obama " I said ok no problem go to Google home page and click on news she said " could you do it for me please " I said ok and I asked her " I forget about the election who's won " she answered me " I support Obama and I come here to vote for him".

At that moment part of me wants to laugh and the other part wants to cry … come on she is at the college and she is not understand what the elections means and who has the right to vote ..!? The problem is she was watching all the news and the reports about the US Presidential elections by open eyes and closed mind or she was thinking the elections just like Super Star and Star Academy.

When I wake up from this shake I told her that "no you can't vote this is US Presidential elections only Americans can vote they are choosing their President" she said nothing and get back to my desk.


Nasimlibya `√ said...

ahahaha it's sooooo funny very cute girl
fe aman alaha

Anonymous said...

So, where the Libyan people vote for their President? don’t laugh at that girl it’s not her fault, she never experienced or heard the name of voting and selecting people or a real Democracy, not like what we have in Libya ....which is a pure ( Slata) .

3abtash said...

its very funny but its common.
alot of people are in the dark when it comes to policies and wat not..
we need to be more aware about alot of things
alot some people just become too obsessed with alot of things they believe they have the rite to do wat they want in one way or the other..
ya rabi yester

Herr Esharif said...

At least she knows who 's new american presedental ... Evn she looks misunderstanding d rules ... Salam

ASMA said...

strang or not ..i dont know how these kinds of people think ..
rabey y3enha ...

Anonymous said...

Awww bless her!!!hahaha

Anonymous said...

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Al Jose said...

I'm sorry I must correct your English. You should have written
"THANK YOU FOR PASSING BYE AND NOT SMOKING" OR "THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING WHILE PASSING BYE"... there are times we have to say it correct otherwise the meaning can be so funny.

Anonymous said...

assalamo alikom..

dear brothers,,its not her fault,,,its all libyan faults. why she want to elect for obama? because there are not men her !!

~عذوبهـ~ said...

assalamo alikom..

Why all this ridicule and laughter???
Maybe she had a U.S. citizen and wanted to vote ....
Then do not be surprised, in the very near future will demand (Arab) right to vote .....

Accepted traffic

Hiba said...

First,i think she was meaning about vote for him that she sporting him not` voting for him.
well, i am as an American girl the USA office asked us to Participate in any vote the happening in the political arena in America,This is because we only American citizens.

It` is Nice to feel that your voice has value even outside the borders of America
While your voice is not heard in Libya.
Thanks my Dear Abdurrauf :)