Friday, September 26, 2008

Typical Libyan Money

I was wondering if the other Countrie's money like ours !? Or just Libyan money looks so dirty old and frayed…. I'm sure that most of you have deal with missing parts money dirty, ripped and lots of scotch tape (there is some Libyans called money scotch tape لصقة فلوس ) or the black one which used for electronic wires cover it …And don't forget the notice, signatures, names, girls names and phone numbers, memories and many other things .
I don't know why we do that to our money and why our banks don't keep them and don't putting them back in the market to use again !!?


Super-Ego said...

It is a culture of the people, reflected in its means and possessions, in general, should not the name of the person on the dissemination of recent currency.

Best regardS

Nasimlibya `√ said...

نوافقك الراي شئ مقزز ان تجد عبارات وكلمات وارقام واحيانا اخري لوحات تشكيلية وواقعية ورموز معينة وووو
الكثير والكثير من تحايا وكلمات الحب والغزل والمديح ووو وكلمات الشتم وعبارت لا منتهية وفي كل مجال ولكل مناسبة
نوافق ماذر لاند هي ثقافة الناس البشر اكتسبوها زيها زي الخربشة ع الجدران ع المقاعد في نهاية الامر
هي عبارة عن اكتساب لمايسمي ثقافة الفساد
للاسف الشديد

ASMA said...

its somthing in our media where we live may be, how make pepole like this i hope one day all this will be over

may said...

هيا عادة اصبحت فى مجتمعنا اكثر من اى شى او مسمى اخر وهذا على الصعيد العربى بصفه عامه ..... ولا اعرف سبب تخليد ذكرهم على ورقه نقديه او على جدار او مقعد او كرسى او اى مكان صالح للكتابه فيه !!!!!؟؟؟

Weldemdina said...

The state of the banknotes reflect of the health of the local economy, if you look at the UK for example, the government make sure to collect worn out banknotes in a regular basis and at the same time replaced them with new crisp banknotes without affect the value of the currency, but in Libya 's case the government don’t bother to replace and print new ones, also most shopkeepers, they try keeping small banknotes in their own possession as they are difficult to get hold off….I wonder if you place one of these under a microscope what you see? Keep us updated.

Living Away said...

you mean, this money is currently being used?
i'm from brasil and long ago we had some bills almost like those ones you showed. suddenly people started rejecting them and now there is a law saying that money note has no value if there is any torn or scribbled on it.

zak.bouhali said...

الله غالب هاذي زي متقول عقلية او قلت اهتمام زي متقول حنا شعب مهمل