Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love you Mother

My mother 56 years old, she never went to school, since a year ago she started going to the mosque to read Quran , they took her to be in the Literacy program there
Lately our home-phone cable was cut because of those companies who doing the removing for the old buildings in Tripoli , However, my father came with her to our Cafe, because she wanted to talk with my sister ,through skype, while she was talking to her , she left a note for me and my brother on the desk.

when i came to open the Cafe in the morning just as usual i found the note on the desk , I was very happy , and i just wished if I kissed her before i left the home this morning 
 Thank you mother, and May Allah keep you with us, forever 


Nasimlibya `√ said...

woooooooow really u should kiss her
u have a great mum Allah bless her 2 u & u'r family forever

Anonymous said...

Thats so cute
I like those kind of words
go home now and kiss her
May Allah bless her for you & your brothers and sisters

fe aman Allah

Herr Esharif said...

Like golden words u should put it n "katro" 2 keep them forever ... May allah protect her .. Salam

Meme said...

how sweet!!
god bless her
by the way nice blog and wonderful pictures ...mashalla.