Saturday, November 3, 2007

Libyan way to protect the cars

Hi everyone today I'll post something funny. My neighbor has his own way to protect his car from the stealing.

see them  and write your comment


3abtash said...

loool thats the newest way to protect wat u have. it looks funny but it might just work for the poor guy. hehhe just imagine some guy trying to steal the car and the whole house comes with it. hahah

Abdurrauf Ben Madi said...

ha ha ha ha ha
funny comment
thx 3abtash

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
LOL Oh my! It almost looks like a dog being tied up so it doesn't run away.

Shame on those that attempt to take something the doesn't belong to them.

Unknown said...

oki its nice pics maybe because you are professional
but its really haraam
im sorry for him and enshaAllah he'll never lose it at all
fe aman Allah

فراشة said...

عندما رأيت الصور تذكرت رسم من رسوم الزواوي الكريكاتيرية
ضحكت عاليا حتى اجتمع جميع افراد أسرتي حولي و بدء الجميع بالضحك
صورة حلوة و مميزة يعطيك العافية

PH said...

Well I just hope it never gets stolen it would be a pity for it to get stolen after all this effort :))).


Hiba said...

المسكين شكله متليع ياخانبينله العجل من قبل
يا دافينله السيارة اشبح وين

راهو يجرب مايجرب يغلبوه يغلبوه وقت خاطرهم في الخنبه