Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last summer photos

Yesterday when I was checking my old photos I found these pictures in my albums, I took them last summer.

There is a story about these pictures ….. I was watching guys in different ages jumping in the sea … then I said to my self "come on Madi you can do it is easy and don't forget that ...what one man can do another can do" so I told my friends and my brothers I will jump like them, they came with me to the jumping area and started supporting me " come you can do it …. Do it do it do it yhhhhhhhhhhhhha" when I stand on the edge of the rock I realized that the sea far about 2 meters....... did you belief that 2 meters they expected me to jump from this high I said no way it is too high.... they started laugh on me..... and what made it worse to me my little brother Mahmmod said to me "watch it is so easy to do" and he jumped .

Nothing happen after that except I become their joke for almost a week.

I miss the sea too much and I wish that maybe some day I can jump like them.


3abtash said...

well first of all the pictures loook soooo nice.
heheh so u chickened out. well its time around show em that u can do it and jump better then em.
inshallah the ba7ar season comes around soon. one of the best things about libya is the ba7ar.
take care
and gr8 to see u posting again

Khalid said...

yeah 3abtash, our sea is special and unique, just like us..

nice blog Madi, I like the beach in your flickr album too, very nice wallahi :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Beautiful picture. Believe me I would have been sitting right next to you because I'm terrified of high places.

white african said...

subhannalah look at how clear the water is, amazing, thanks for sharing

dusk till dawn said...

salam Madi
this what they call. so far but not so near,the sea looks realy clean and shining like a mirror. thats what i miss mostly.swimmimg in the medi sea,and have friends a round.abt u been chickened out thats funny ur young bro leading the way,maybe u just had a second thought,keep practising 4 next summer ha ha u might surprised them.

فراشة said...

ماشاء الله
اهنيهم على شجاعتهم

هيا لو تشوف المسافة مش بعيدة هلبا
و القفزة مش ح تحتاج لوقت
بس ارمي نفسك و انسى

خفت الصيف الماضي
ان شاء الله تقدر تشاركهم الصيف الجاي

Unknown said...

haaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa
I thought that you did it
you know madi those pics are the best till now
mashaAllah 3aleek ya camera man =)) oki sorry I'll take it back .

Our beach its the best wallahi I used to go there with dadi even at the winter I can't live without it
yalla its nice to see those pics again
fe aman Allah

Unknown said...

looking at those pcts bring the summer scent back , I can smell the breezes , how our beaches are adorable, I love summers hate winters ... thanx for sharing them

Unknown said...

why the big capital red ( y ) is missed in ur post ? could u plz correct it :o)

Abdurrauf Ben Madi said...

CNN Libya
white african
dusk till dawn
enlightened spirit

Woooooooow I'm so glad to have all of you my friends ….. Thanks a lot for your sweet sweet comments.

enlightened spirit : the big letter Y is not missing. it is appear

carol 2002 said...

nice pic ;)

فراشة said...

صور حلوة
و طريقة للترفيه احلى

Desert Rose said...

Well Mr . Madi ,
I must say you have improved mashaAllah Alleck !

We now have scuba diving lessons in case your are interested lol.....nothing personal !

take care

Abdurrauf Ben Madi said...

قلب كبير
thank you for passing by

this is your first comment in my blog welcome and thank you for that

Hiba said...

خاطري نتلاقوا شن رأيكم السبت الجاي

loza said...

Ooups ...

you didn't jump with them ... How you left some thing so nice like that ...

I think you like taking photoes better than swimming ...

I love swimming, jumping and taking photoes ... next time tell me when you are going to go there again ...

anyway I was kidding ... hope you had a nice time ...

Hiba said...

Eid Mubarak to you and your family :)
عيد سعيد

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Eid Mubarak! May Allah bless you always.

فراشة said...

السيد مادي

كل العام و انت بألف خير
انت و كل الاسرة الكريمة
بألف خير