Thursday, October 18, 2007

Suffering of Libyan football fans

went on Eid's night with my friend and my brother in law to the 11 of June stadium, to spend sometimes away of the crowded and noisy streets and to enjoy watching our team Al Ittihad live.

I haven't been there since 1996, I was completely surprising when I saw the condition of the stadium, it was risky Adventurer to be there. firstly you have to pass the dark corridors to the seats without standing on the dirty water that comes from the broken bathrooms or crash with someone in front of you, and when you arrive to your seat you will find the empty plastic bags, café cups, cigarettes, bottles, and lots of dirty stuff waiting for you. Beside that you have to sit on the naked cement boards (there are no plastic seats over it).
Sometimes enjoying myself watching football games on TV and see the stadiums how different they are clean, very well organized it looks perfect.
I'm asking my self…….. When our government respects and treats us as human being and building new stadium or fixing this one?


3abtash said...

hey madi hows life with u?..wallahi 3alayek 7ala..wwhen are libyans gonna do something about their country. everything is falling apart and they are just watching it as it happens. they say that النظافه من الايمان but seems to me that libyans dont believe in that saying. did u know that libya was more developed then the gulf coast countries 30 years ago..and know see the difference. ahhh...neways ربى يصلح الحال

Maya said...

its our country and not always we've to blame our goverment
I know that they should make it better but some libyan people trying to make Libya worst by the same stuff that you mentioned before like empty plastic bags, café cups, cigarettes, bottles.
I believe that some day its gonna be better en sha Allah

Here in Bengo almost thinks getting better They started to clean the streets every day which seems good

nice one Mr.Madi
Fe aman Allah

hoditta said...


you can't doing anything ...

life can be so cruel ...


Hibo said...

الملعب يموشله ناس من بيئات مختلفة
والي متعود عالنظافة حايحافظ ولو عجبوه الجمهور كله
والي سلامتكم مش متعود علي النظافة وحتي النظام حايقعد طول عمره فوضوي وحشاكم وسخ..

وكنهدا علاش بلادنا وشارعنا ماتقعدش نظيفه يوم بطوله حشاكم من هالنوعيات الي مخلين الملعب بهالشكل

اني ديما نقول الي عنده غيره علي بلاده ويحبها مايديرش فيها هكي