Monday, October 15, 2007

My little angel

I want to Introduces my uncle's daughter to you, her name is Rahif we love her so much, My brothers call her China because her eyes looks like Chinese.
I took this picture in the Eid … so what you think is she beautiful or not ?


3abtash said...

well mr. madi. mashallah 3alayha ur gorgous.....rabi ya7fadha......btw ur pix are really nice...taken with passsion....

Maya said...

ma sha Allah she's beautiful
allah bless her for you and for all the family

fe aman Allah

Mr: Madi said...



thank you girls, I'm glad that you like China

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Mashallah she is beautiful. What a great capturing photo. You are quite a photographer. Thank you for letting us see what you see.

Hibo said...

ماشاء الله عليها الحلوة هادي
والصورة زادتها جمال
احلي زيارة للصورة المميزة تكون بأبيض و أسود

لان معالم الصورة تكون واضحة ومميزة بدون قلة ثرثرة ألوان


dentist022 said...

ماشاء الله عيها ربي يحفظها لوالديها وتكون من بنات البلد الصالحات