Monday, January 19, 2009

Studio Portrait

With very poor studio Light equipments I tried to take some portrait to my Brother Ahmed, He was very patient with me.
The results is not like what I want but it my first studio portrait.


Anonymous said...

in fact .. i do not got much to say ..but the Pics u took/ were really nice.. the way .. and the space u left in the Portrait area,, so this is a new kind of the photographers' way that they take the pics for a A stars ( i mean a new Style ).
bets wishes.. hope i can be updated with any new ones...

Nasimlibya said...

تهانينا يا مستر مادي


فراشة said...

السلام عليكم

السيد مادي

مبدع كالعادة

ماشاء الله

الصور حلوة

بس الأحلى الصورة الثانية

عجبتني باللون الأبيض و الأسود


سلمت يداك من كل شر

أرنا جديدك فنحن في إنتظاره


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Excellent pictures. I really like the second picture. Your brother made a nice model for you. :-)

منير said...

Well done Mr. Madi

Would you mind if I ask about the camera you used for these portrait pictures and the equipments please? and also it would be a pleasure if you post some tutorials about your photography experience!

I'm interested ..

Anonymous said...

nice Pics

منير said...

Thanks madi for contacting me!

I like your simple ideas really!

I might try it once by my D60 whenever i got a free time. And will be a member on that site one day soon In Sha Allah.

Thanks again