Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Won

One of my pictures won in photography competition in Albdeel Channel- drawing by the light- program ( برنامج الرسم بالضوء ) in smile Category.

Here you can see the picture that made me Winner & I'm so happy with it ..... I'll always do my best to be the best.

This is the picture

This is the video


a_akak said...

Mabrook Brother and may we hear of many more achievments ... but once in a while share some of those photos with us :)

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Mabrook! Oh my goodness after watching that clip of all those faces---I felt truly sorry for the judges because afterall how can you just choose one to be the winner. Mabrook!

PH said...

Mabrouk great photo I hope you win more photo's in the future and keep us updated ;).


CrowdedMind said...

Madi ...Mabrook
Masha Allah 3aleek
you deserve the best always
ensha Allah you'll win more and more

fe aman Allah

ASMA said...

ya allf mabrok nice pic ..i wish u win more and more

WEDA said...

10000000 mabrook really good job

abdullah SH said...

Mabrok bro pic 7elwa bt try 2 share more pics 'e us ... Salam

nasimlibya said...

well done very attractive photo bro
dont be late & keep us update