Sunday, July 15, 2007

Libyan girls who's living abroad

What you don't know about me that I have an Internet café in Tripoli ,, and my customers from around the world…. from most of Arabic countries , Africa ,Asia ,North and south America And Australia as well.
And there's no problem to deal with them, like that I have it with the Libyan costumers who were or still living in Europe or America.
the first thing they doing trying hard to let you and who sitting beside them that they are was living outside Libya ( I think they wish of they could paste a sign on their shirts says … HELLO EVRYONE I AM A LIBYAN GIRL LIVING ABROAD LOOOL) and second thing they are ignoring all of your rules that you want you customers to follow , and the third thing they are never never speaking Arabic despite they knowing Arabic language .
the way they are acting and their behavior is not normal they thought themselves better than any one else .
I'm wondering why they are like this ?? are they forget that they are Libyans or they think if acting like this the people will respect them more ?
we have a proverb here in Libya says ( the bird trying to walk like a dove but he couldn't Learn how to walk like a dove and forgot his own walk) .

I think they have some psycho problems and confusing between if they are a Libyan or not .


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Humans regardless of their background can be crazy, don't you agree?

Mr: Madi said...


I completely agree … I think their parents have responsibility to make their children grown up in such family mood have thoughts like these

Happymoi said...

loooooooool..yeah i see a lot of these libyan sometimes get caught speaking in English..but honestly its just out of habbit..i have an issue..the mintue i know u speak English its hard for me to speak with u pure arabic...i tried it..its hard i'd be mixing between both...i do speak perfect arabic so its not language i lacked..its more of getting used to something and finding it easier...with time though it gets less and less...and comapring myself to when i first moved to libya i think im fine:):):)but yeah i get pissed of at those types...i think its a shame!!

Abdelgaderk said...

Hello there,
The thing that i would like to make clearer is that, the people who are speaking Arabic originally but trying to speak in English may not have anything wrong with their personality, since they may have the desire to improve their language no more no less, this is one type. And I know that thare are some extremists but we should understand people and do not point the finger of blame to anybody without knowing them.
Abdelgader Fathi


Mr: Madi said...

Dear Abdelgader Fathi

I'm not blaming or judging anybody here and I did not talking about them in general, I'm talking about how they acting weird .
let me ask you this question , how she can be sure that I'm speaking English when she definitely knows I'm an Arabic speaker ? which I'm sure that she can speaks Arabic as well as I do… and about if she wants to improve her English as you said !!! come on HOW SHE KNOWS THAT I SPEAK English ????????

Thank you for your concern

butterfly said...

اخي السيد مادي
لا أعرف من أوحى لكم بفكرة أن كل الفتيات الليبيات الموجودات في الخارج على هذه الشاكلة
فعدد من اقاربي و قريباتي يعشن في الخارج
و لم أرى من بينهم هذه النماذج
هناك في كندى أمريكا بريطانيا و حتى استراليا
منهن من عشن منذ الولادة هناك
لكني لا أرى فرقا بيننا سوى اللغة المكتسبة
بينما عندما يكن هنا يتكلمن معنى و كأنهن لم يغادرن البلاد
في رأئي أن ما جعل الفتيات الليبيات ينسلخن من اثوابهن و يرتدين ثوبا ليس لهن هو غياب الوعي و التوجيه التربوي السليم
أحيانا غياب الواعز الديني
اتمنى ان تصلك فكرتي حول الليبيات في الخارج

When Doors Wide Open said...

In Fact ... I just wanna refer something much people are Blind from this Side... Being good or bad... not Matter of that I am A libyan, Sudaniese English, or Japanese... that depends on the surrounded Environment you live with,,, I know many German Girls does not even wear a short Skirts,, they are not Even an Arabic and I know many people Live in the Most Well-Behaved Countries, Doing things More that any Pigs would do..
((( Do not plame girls and countries,,, Plame the Parents no matter who they are and where are they from

Nemo said...

Send me your address pretty girl

harry said...

U r so beautiful girl...mail me if u can...cya

ocean full of emotion said...

One of the most things I've not understand as Libyan why libyans hates who those living outside libya ... they call tunisian Aidon and whoever is not pure libyan the worst names ever .... and excuse me to tell you that you are either way you're liar or trying to lie for purpose ...lets assume that you are Mr.Madi or whatever your name is that you have been living outside with your family ...well am trying to keep limits and manners on here by writing this question and am expecting from your side to answer this question in the same ...Would your family raise up your sisters this way if they were living outside ? my entire life I've never seen Libyan girls who lives out side doing what are you trying to accuse them with infront people , but anyway this is not a topic to talk or even to discuss...with no regards to you .

dr.butterfly said...

sallam abdurrauff..

i myself am a libyan girl that lived all my life outside of libya, when i first came back here i wasn't that excited, but never EVER did i once think i was better than anyone here... on the contrary i thought to myself i could learn a lot from coming back home to where my parents grew up... and yes!! it was and still is a great learning experience.
i don't know what type of girls you are running into. but where i am living right now there are many girls that lived out of libya and yet they are very very respectful people and once you get to know them you can judge for yourself... so please my dear libyan brother don't go around making this rule as a general! .. it hurts to see you judge people before giving them a chance!
i'm not saying they are all good... no! but i am saying that anything is possible!!
"girls that have their noses up to the sky are everywhere and they don't have to be living outside their own country for you to find them, believe me... and may i ask you something?! what about the guys that lived abroad?? aren't they'er many that think they are better than others... come on!! don't you agree with me that these type of people come in both colors (pink and blue) "girls and boys"... ;)

i hope you got my point! and allah yuslah al-hal inshaa allah!!

take care,

dr.butterfly said...


zach said...

MAN i dun understand i agree with happymoi cuz it happens sometimes when i slip n start talkin in english when i meet someone who also is or was living abroad its just a thing i guess cant explain how!!!

Abdurrauf Madi said...

Hi every one …. First of all thank you all for your activity about this post, the second
thing I'm talking about some people not all, for your information part of my
family living abroad, and I have too many good friends living abroad as well … this kind
of people every where and this kind of behave that I meant about people
who think them selves better than any body else, and I took the people living abroad as example.

Thank you again

libyan_soldier said...

hahahahahaha first off you'd better stop putting your finger on people who are living abroad ,secondly if it's all about how they act then let me tell you this , i lived abroad for couple of years almost 8 or so and i just came back home , when i first got along with ppl in here i found out that they were even worse than those who i used to be with out there ,so knock it off ,good and bad ppl are so freaking everywhere ,one more thing ,guys and girls who have never had a chance to be out are the most ones who show off when it comes to speaking english however they suck and so cluelss about it

sam said...

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