Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can't lie anymore

2day when I was online Hussein’s twin brother suddenly sign in and it was a link for my blog in my status message in my yahoo messenger in les than second I remove the link ….. and the first thing he said that asked about his twin cuz he knew I know his brother ….and this is what he said to me ….. belief me I can’t lie anymore.

Hassan Momodu: where is hussein?
Mr : Madi: ?
Mr : Madi: I don't know Hassan
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard from him
Mr : Madi: me too
Mr : Madi: i think he is busy somewhere
Hassan Momodu: my twin brother
Hassan Momodu: where?
Mr : Madi: i know
Hassan Momodu: have u seen him today?
Mr : Madi: I don't see him since one week
Hassan Momodu: pls can check his house for me
Mr : Madi: i don't know where he house is
Hassan Momodu: pls i am so worried
Mr : Madi: if I meet him I'll tell him that u and ur mother asking about him
Hassan Momodu: i have not heard fro0m him since
Hassan Momodu: yes
Hassan Momodu: my mum cant even eat
Mr : Madi: ok
Mr : Madi: I will do my best
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls what kind of job is he doing?
Hassan Momodu: in libya
Mr : Madi: Hassan I have to go now sorry
Mr : Madi: bye
Hassan Momodu: thanks
Hassan Momodu: pls tell him to call
Mr : Madi: ok

I need advice can u help me


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
You've been placed in an unfortunate situation. Although I'm not certain whether Hussein asked you not to anything to his family or not. However, he seemed to trust you enough to share your contact information with his family members, which certainly places more added pressure on you.

I’m sitting her pondering what would I do if I was in your situation. First and foremost I would go in prayer to seek any wisdom or insight on how to handle such a delicate situation. Second, based on whatever the outcome I received from spending time with Allah I might be inclined to tell the family the facts as I knew them.

Hussein did not give you the AL Thurya satellite phone number did he? Who can track GPS? Who’s the tracking service through? Do you know who these “guys” were that Hussein had talk regarding the trip he told you he was taking? Do you know the contact person he was going to meet in Europe? I have to believe there’s many factors you are unaware of as it seems Hussein’s decision was one that he made privately and rather quickly. Well I assume quickly, but in his privacy he may have been working on this for quite some time.

What do you think you should do? Maybe we can talk about it and come up with a solution, inshallah.

Mixed Up Me said...

I am sorry you have been put in this situation. I can honestly say, I do not know what I would do if I were in this situation, except ask God to help me do the right thing.Please keep us updated. I hope you have a good day!

Maya said...

Thats really hard
But you know some thing you said that you can'tle anymore . and for his family waiting for some thing they don't know about it ,,seems worst so i guess you have to tell them ! Its better at least they'll accept this situation and they'll not be in SHOCK لاسمحا الله if any thing has happened ,,I guess most of us knows the end of these stories ! Its seems hard words but you've to face it and face his family ! could you do that ? I'm sure that his mom thinking about another things ! If you told them ,,,they'll pray for him to be back soon or to reach healthy to his home
Madi why you didn't take Al Thurya ? Do you know those people ?
Fe aman Allah

Mr: Madi said...


Mixed Up Me


First of all … thank you all for passing and sharing me your thoughts about my situation as you all know this kind of illegal activities covered by secrets and mysteries , even Hussein doesn't know the real names of these people and he just meet one of them and this man always says to Hussein don't say to any body any thing about our agreement and don't tell anybody anything about any information that I give it to you about places dates or anything .

Cuz of that I don't have Althurya number and Hussein by himself doesn't know the number in that time they give them the phone with Italian red cross phone number and tell them to call the Italian after passing specific distance to come and peck them .

Belief me it is not easy to say the truth for Hussein's family they will ask me a lot of unanswer questions.
last two days I was telling this story to everyone I know most of them told me stories about some accidents they heard about it like the police caught hundreds in the sea and Tunisian police as well and some stories about bodies found in the beach

I think that I can't do anything except praying and asking GOD to help him and gives his family the patience until they knows everything about his destiny.

Happymoi said...

I would say the truth. If he was my bro i would want to know the truth. His family deserves to know the truth. I'm putting myself in his bro's shoes. I would want to know the truth...i say truth all day way!

Mr: Madi said...


some times the truth hurts , but I think all of you want me to say it to his family ......I’ll wait for another week if Huseein didn’t show up or call …I’ll tell his family the painful true.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,

We will pray for you to be covered with protection should the time come when you have to share the only information you know to his family, inshallah.

As painful as that may sound or will be remember God will always be with you and reward you for your deeds of goodness. In this case the goodness would be sharing what you know with his family. You can't share anymore than what you already know. May God give you the strength.